Constipated Chronically? Try These Home Remedies

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Constipation is as common as breaking gas; of course the similarity lies in refraining from confessing openly about both. You might take constipation in jest but it can lead to serious condition like hemorrhoids. Whatever might be the cause of constipation, the good news is that it can be cured and an even news is that its remedies often include easy diversions in routine or some additional ingredients in your meals. So get rid of “shit problems” with these remedies.    


1.    Break a sweat

We are not saying that you should workout for hours. If you do that however, it would have excellent benefits, but to prevent constipation or to regulate bowel movements, even a fifteen to thirty minute walk would serve the purpose.  


2.    Poop in appropriate position

You might find it funny, but there is actually a right poop position. The main idea is to maintain pressure on your stomach for easy ejection of the contents in your rectum.

The following video might help:


3.    First thing to do: warm water

This trick can speed up your bowel movement to an extent that you might find it hard to begin your day without going to the loo. The additional benefits would be detox of body and hence amazing skin!

Watch the video to see the benefits:


4.    Say yes to curd (as often as you can)

Curd contains the bacteria necessary to maintain the process of digestion swiftly, reducing the risk of constipation. So make sure that you consume at least two servings of curd or yogurt in a day.


5.    Prunes, prunes and some more prunes

You would be amazed at how much fiber does prunes contain. They also contains sorbitol, which adds up to the bulk of stool. Fig is a prune which does not cause gas and hence, so you can consume other prunes in moderate amount, giving fig preference.

The video shows benefit of prunes in constipation and the ways in which you can consume them:


6.    The magic herb- Aloe vera

All the benefits of aloe vera can never be put together. For constipation, consuming it in the natural form is the best. You can use the natural gel or if that is too tedious, you can also go for widely available aloe vera juice.

The article summarizes some of the benefits of aloe vera:


7.    Detox with lemon and honey

The citric acid which is a major ingredient in lemon can remove the toxins, which might be a part of your digestive tract. You can supplement it with honey as it too, is effective in curing constipation.

Following video shows the directions for usage:


8.    Become a fiber freak!

Goes without saying, if you want to get rid of constipation, you have to like fibers more than anything else. Fruits and vegetables both contain fiber. Some excellent fiber containing foods are oats, cereals, beans, lentils.


These were the most easy to adopt tricks to lead a constipation free life. Summarizing it all, choose healthy foods over delicious foods to have a better digestive system.    


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