Cancer Treatment- Coping Up

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Cancer is no more an uncommon ailment. With altering lifestyle, the graph of cancer is progressing with sturdiness. As hard as fighting with cancer is, the worse part probably lies in coping up with the treatment of this plight. Common modalities to cancer include radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. Each one has its own harmful effect on body, but the common side effects include pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, infections. Often cancer patients find themselves in despair. The physical pain takes a toll on the mental state of a cancer patient.

We are very sorry if you or someone close to you is undergoing an infliction to this painful situation. We know it is a bummer to know you barely have few days in your hand to breathe in this world and be a part of what you thought would be a long life at some point of time. Following are a few things to know if you are undertaking cancer therapy.


1. Nausea and vomiting are common

The most common side effects of cancer treatment are nausea and vomiting. Usually medications to ward off nausea and vomiting are prescribed on a regular basis. Do not panic if you get these effects, instead if it does not get restricted by medications, call your doctor immediately.


2. Fatigue due to treatment. What causes it?

There are several causes of fatigue experienced during treatment of cancer. Often there is accumulation of toxic substances in body which causes the normal cells to function differently. These toxins are produced due to death of cells as a part of treatment. Another reason is change in proteins and mediators which govern inflammation which causes fatigue.


3. Watch out for these symptoms as they indicate anaemia

 Symptoms of anemia include paleness of skin, tongue, nails, fatigue, and shortness of breath, palpitations, and tingling sensations in extremities. You are more prone to anemia of you are taking treatment for cancer because of the effect of cancer and cancer therapy on bone marrow- the organs which produce red blood cells and blood in body.


4. Cancer is not just physical damage, but a relentless emotional torment

Nobody would quite like the idea of their once healthy body becoming weaker and weaker day by day. No matter how strong you are, you are bound to feel depressed about the consequences. A good way out to this is staying in touch with people who make you feel loved and important. You should not hesitate to see a therapist of need be.

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