Can Sex Stimulate Headache?

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We have always been taught that sex is great for health and that it allays stress. Yes it is but sometimes it also gives what is called as coital cephalgia. Coital cephalgia or sexual headache is characterized by a sudden pain in head and, or neck. This ache which is initially dull, rises in intensity with ascent in sexual excitement, is at peak at orgasm, can last for variable periods (minutes- hours), and might be associated with nausea and vomiting. The incidence is most common in twenties and thirties, males being more frequently affected than females. 

Sometimes it might also be associated because of masturbation, which is more common in the neck region because of increased muscular activity in this region.

The cause of this eccentric ache is primarily believed to be increase in heart rate, alteration in neurotransmitter levels and because of sudden and excessive contraction of neck muscles. Sometimes, the cause also lies in drugs like cannabis, amiadorone, contraceptive pills.

So yes, if you have experienced an excruciating pain in your head while having sex, you are suffering from what is called coital cephalgia. If this is more severe and frequent, you should consult a doctor to rule out certain more severe conditions which this symptom is associated with.

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