Breast Cancer: What Makes A Woman More Vulnerable?

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Most diseases originate from lifestyle or habits. The risk factors which you conveniently neglect can assume the form of dangerous ailments. Breast Cancer in today’s time remains a common illness in women. It is rather one of the most prevalent cancers in women. When it comes to ruling out causes of breast cancer, it is difficult to point out to a single cause for as a rule, cancer is a multifactorial disease. Where on one hand, most women get affected by breast cancer owing to an existing a family history, in a lot of other women, it is the external environment which triggers it.

That being said, even though it is not possible to precisely point out the cause of cancer in every woman, following are a few traits which make women more susceptible to breast cancer.


1. Heavy breasts

For those who are not cognizant about the anatomy of breasts, breasts are aggregates of glandular tissue, the primary function of which is milk formation. Women who are voluptuous therefore have more abundant tissue which can possibly become cancerous. Thus the chances of attaining cancer automatically scale up in women with heavier breasts.


2. Heavier boozing

Alcohol is a risk factor in a lot of diseases, breast cancer being one of them. By increasing your alcohol intake, you increase your chances of developing breast cancer. It has been concluded in a number of studies that women who drink too much are at a higher risk to attain this disease than those who do not. So the next time you hit the bottle, try and limit your alcohol intake to one or two drinks.


3. Radiation exposure

Exposure to radiation can create a great deal of opportunities for breast cancer to get precipitated. It is not only breast cancer, but multiple cancers and other pathologies can begin to develop in body because of radiation. However, that does not mean that you should not undergo scans which are essential for you. Sadly a major cause of a lot of diseases today is iatrogenic, which also includes unnecessary radiation exposure.


4. Estrogen

Estrogen is a known carcinogen. Estrogen is naturally produced in female body, the main source being ovaries. It is also produced in trace amounts from the breasts. The secretion of this hormone commences right from puberty and culminates with menopause. The main reason for estrogen being a carcinogen is a peculiar phenomenon that causes cells (both normal and cancerous) to grow as soon as they come in contact with estrogen. Women who are overweight are more prone.  


5. Obesity

It is believed that overweight women in menopause have a 30-60% increased risk of getting breast cancer. The reason is the estrogen connection mentioned above. After menopause, the fat remains a major source of estrogen in women body. With more fat comes more estrogen and with more estrogen comes more growth of cancer cells as soon as they come in contact with estrogen.


6. Being tall

You might find this funny but it is true. Studies have proved that short women (<5’3’’) are less prone to develop breast cancer than those who are tall (>5’3”). The blame here can be put on the hormonal interplay. Women who are tall have more Insulin Like Growth Factor- 1 (IGF-1) during their growth periods. This along with the phenomenon of more rapid cellular growth might leave tall women predisposed to breast cancer.


Again, it is never one thing that invites cancer. Oncogenesis is a complex process, with many factors participating in the same. Above were some of the traits which make women more prone to cancer. After reading this article you need not lose your sleep at nights just because you are tall!

Healthy women add a lot of beauty to this world. So dear women, please stay healthy, for you adorn the worlds of many around you. 

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