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A skin abscess or a boil is an eruption, usually with a yellowish white hue, red periphery, associated with pain and or tenderness. The yellowish white color is imparted to this icky looking eruption by colonizing bacteria (most commonly Staphylococcus aureus) and the resultant pus. There can be MANY reasons for development of these boils, ranging from foreign body invasion, infection of hair follicle, infection of acne or contamination at surgical site. Irrespective of the cause, boils can be utterly painful and discomforting.


So eruptions are treated with squeezing, right?

If you think that squeezing this pus would be the end of it, then you are making a grave mistake. Not only will squeezing leave a scar in that area, the results can be more heinous. Your hands are usually contaminated with myriad bacteria, thus with your touch, you are actually exposing the already infected region to some more infection. If the abscess is on face, then you should not touch it all the more because infection from face is transmitted directly to brain, sometimes proving to be fatal.


If squeezing is no option, what then, to do of them?

Conventionally, your doctor would prescribe you an antibiotic course to ward off the infection, along with local application of some ointment to suppress the local symptoms and improve healing, which is not an incorrect regime, but then why expose your body to antibiotics if there is an alternative? After all, antibiotics are not the best remedies, right? The better alternative that we are referring to here is homeopathic cure to these boils.

If however, like what happens in rare cases, the abscess, if large enough, might require a surgical drainage of pus. In that case, there is no alternative and it is better that you opt for the drainage. But in mild- moderate cases, homeopathy is effective.    


What are these remedies?

To name a few- Silicea, Hepar Sulph, Calcarea Sulph, Calcarea Pic, Syphillinium. Of these, Silicea is considered to be most effective, as it not only suppresses the inflammation in connective tissue, but also prevents these boils. Silicea is also effective in getting rid of chronic or long standing boils effectively. If you are suffering from recurrent boils, then Syphillinium is another great option!


Treat your skin gently and eat healthy, for your skin is a reflection of your diet! 

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