Beware Of These 5 Foods For They Might Be Giving Rise To Alzheimer

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The world is fighting a great battle against dementia and Alzheimer's disease. With our habits and especially eating habits, we invite the diseases which were once obsolete or rare. But now, with the junk that we feed ourselves with, these diseases are taking a tollin the form of the epidemic. What we fail to realize is the fact that the food we eat does not only please our taste buds but also acts as a fuel for our entire body. Every cell in our body functions according to the fuel that we provide it. If this fuel is faulty or trash, how can we not expect out digestive systems and hence all other systems to become anything but trashcan? What we also do not seem to pay any heed to, are the toxins which slowly aggregate because of over processed foods or junk foods, manifesting as numerous diseases and aiding the drug companies to ascend their profits.

Following are the foods which you should never consume in life if you wish to guard yourself from Alzheimer's disease.


1.    Processed Foods

The nitrosamines present in all your favorite meats cause accumulation of toxins in body and brain which hamper the brain and inhibit it from performing normal functions.

2.    Refined sugars

You really have to keep your sweet tooth in control because the foods with too much sugars result in Alzheimer's in the long run.

3.    Alcohol

Getting high tonight? Beware! Alcohol contains nitrates which have a direct link to Alzheimer's.

4.    Processed cheese

Love mozzarella? Who doesn’t! But limit its usage for consumption of processed cheese in high amounts is known to produce raw material for Alzheimer's disease.

5.    White foods

I am extremely sorry to inform you that all the white foods which please your taste buds (pasta, white bread, white flour) shoot up the insulin levels in the body. These elevated insulin levels eventually result in toxins in your brain, which results in Alzheimer's.


As I have mentioned in my previous blogs that what we eat impacts our body. These impacts are not necessarily good, which is sad because we are making a mess out of our own body. But guess what? These impacts can be good because it is always us to take the call.

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