Are Your Gadgets To Be Blamed For The Neck Pain?

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Technology and social networks have merged the world close like never before. Everybody has an account on Snapchat; Instagram is the favorite hangout for many aspiring photographers; calling these days is almost obsolete, for everything is communicated using either texts on Whats App or using a voice note. So yes, let us thank technology for making us rise to its bait every now and then. But wait a second, what if we tell you that your gadgets can cause you a lot of pain? Elbows, neck, fingers- so much is affected while you are busy taking selfies to convince yourself that you are beautiful!

1. Selfie Elbow

Sure selfies are about getting the right angle for your pretty face, but not for your joints. Your hand stuck out for 0-15 seconds is not in a very comfortable position. Taking lots of selfies can strain the muscles of your forearm. And when these muscles are contracted forcefully, often micro tears take place. 

2. Tablet Neck

Any hand held gadget can cause posture related ailments. Mostly, tablets are placed on laps. So when you have to read, you have to contract your neck musculature for extended periods of time. This creates a pressure on the upper spine. A fix to this problem is keeping tablet at a level which does not cause continuous muscle contraction. 

3. Thumb Strain

Be it playing games on cell phone or checking your inbox, you are overusing your thumb by swiping the phone repeatedly. Scrolling, texting, swiping- all these actions can cause the tendon of thumb’s to swell due to inflammation. 

4. TV Neck

If you look at the TV on your wall continuously to watch your favourite daily soaps, chances are you might end up with a sore neck. So keep your TV set at a level at which your neck and spine are in the right position.

Remember that excess of everything is bad. You must also not overlook the fact that continuous gadget use also strains your eye. So make it a point that you rest your eyes and muscles for short periods.

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