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Studying is a task and a half already. But when it is combined with the struggle of forgetfulness, it becomes a rather tormenting experience. Did you know that exercise after a study session can help you learn better? Well, a research from an Austrian university has come up with this heavenly information.

The study says that the student’s choice of activity after a learning session has a direct impact on his/her ability to recollect information. The patterns they studied depicted that indulgence in passive activities like playing video games and watching television after a learning session deteriorated memory; while light exercise or a run enhanced the information retention process.

This is assumed to be the work of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, as it is associated with cognitive functions of the brain. While Cortisol helps retrieve things in some circumstances, it impairs memory in others.

Stress is of two types: physical and psychological. It was noticed that when cortisol was produced by psychological stress (say while playing video games), it hindered the memory. But when cortisol was secreted due to physical stress (say due to exercise), it boosted the memory!

So take the much-deserved breaks but don’t spend that time watching television or playing video games. Instead, go out for a run or take up some moderate exercise at home. This strategy combined with meditation, yoga, proper diet, staying hydrated and a proper sleep schedule can help retaining the information and get your name listed with the sharp learners.

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