Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil

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Coconut is said to be a super food. Each part of this super food has surprising benefits. Coconut is known to have a number of uses from food to cosmetics. You would be surprised to know what this seemingly little food holds for you in store. Especially when it comes to coconut oil, it has unique properties (other than it’s exceptionally amazing odor), and is considered to be the most nutritious part of th is magnificent drupe. Following are a few benefits of using coconut oil.


1. Digestion and metabolism

The fat present in coconut is saturated, which is easy to be processed in comparison to the other heavy fatty acids known as the unsaturated fats. Thus coconut is beneficial for those who have diabetes.


2. Flush of energy

Since the fats in coconut are easy to be digested, they take no time to get processed. Thus they act as instant source of energy.


3. Infections and immunity

Coconut oil is said to provide immunity against viral infections. In fact it has also been shown to fight certain cancers. This action is primarily due to the lauric acid present in coconut oil.


4. Cooking oil

 Coconut oil has been used in cooking since ages. There are two properties about this oil which makes it unique- one, it is stable at higher temperatures and two, it does not go rancid for longer times.


5. Excellent hair

You must have been awestruck on seeing hair of people from the South Indian belt. Well, the reason is this wonder- coconut. It not only strengthens hair, but also removes dandruff and provides shine.


6. Burns fat

The triglycerides present in coconut helps burning more fat (up to 5% more) by increasing the energy uptake, thus aiding in weight reduction in the long run.


7. Tackles your appetite

This is rather a surprising benefit of coconut oil. It reduces you hunger. This effect is attributed to the ketone bodies present in coconut which causes a reduction in appetite.


8. Cholesterol

Coconut oil reduces the total and the LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol which are responsible for pathologies), and at the same time increases the HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol). Thus coconut oil improves the overall condition of heart and lowers the risk of cardiac problems.


9. No seizures

Coconut oil helps in reducing seizures in children with drug resistant epilepsy. This is because of the ketones in coconut oil.


10. Surprisingly beautiful skin

Coconut oil has been known as a great cosmetic. Coconut moisturizes skin, and hence it is recommended to people with dry skin. You can also use it if you suffer from dry lips during winters. Coconut oil also functions as a sunscreen.


11. Say goodbye to bad breath

Coconut oil can be used in what is called oil pulling. Oil pulling is using oil as a mouth wash. Coconut is excellent at it. You can use a little amount of coconut oil as mouthwash, and you would be surprised that the bad breath you have been combating goes away. This is mainly by eliminating the bio film.


So start using this magic oil as soon as you can to derive the desired effect.

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