A Unique Cure To Dental Caries- Dental Serum

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With the advent of time, the variety of oral care products is also widening. A new addition to this list is the tooth serum. We all know about those tooth fillings which cause much of discomfort because of the tiresome procedure of exfoliating the carious tooth portion followed by replacement with artificial materials, like amalgam and other cements. Scientists from the King’s College London have come up with a novel approach to get rid of these painful cavities.

Teeth consist of enamel (the outer covering), dentin (which forms major portion of tooth) and pulp (the part of the tooth which bears nerve and blood supply). As a part of protective measure or defense mechanism, teeth produce dentin to replace the lost part of tooth due to various causes (including caries). This process of new dentin formation is considered to be ineffectual when it comes to large caries as a part of which, much of the tooth dentin is lost.

This technique uses a drug used in Alzheimer’s disease to bring into action the stem cells of pulp, which can divide into any form of cells of the dental tissue, including dentin.

So soon we can our favorite chocolates without caring a bit about teeth because the stem cells would take care of the aftermath.



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