A Quick Review of Spine Injury

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Do you know that the spinal cord is a tuft of nervous tissue which connect all parts of the body to the brain and in turns forms the central nervous system along with brain? The ring of bones around this crucial nervous tissue is called is the spine, grouped in several sub types.

A spine injury can ensue due to a swift and alarming to the spine, causing it to get fractured or dislocated. Most spine injuries result in compression of some nerve in the spinal cord, which disrupts the signals from the brain to body and visa verse. Some injuries can be fully recovered but some might cause paralysis.

Spine injury can be complete or incomplete. Complete injury is when there is entire loss of sensory functions below the level of injury. Incomplete injury is when there is some breach, but it is not enough to completely hinder the spinal cord to convey signals.


1.    Signs and symptoms

1. Back pain

2. Pressure on neck, back and head.

3. Lack or loss of movement

4. Loss of sensation or numbness.

5. Difficulty in breathing

6. Difficulty in coughing

7. Extreme reflexes

8. Changes in fertility or sexual function

9. Loss of bladder control

2.    When to see a doctor

Spinal cord regulates transmission to nerve impulses throughout the body. Thus spine injury is a serious issue, and it should be addressed without a degree of callousness.  So on observing the above symptoms, consult your doctor as soon as possible.


3.    Prevention

These would reduce the risk of spine injury:

1. Wear a seat belt when driving

2. Do not drink and drive

3. Be careful before diving into a pool, river, lake or elsewhere when the depth is not clear.

4. Avoid activities which exert a sudden pressure on the back.

5. While working out, do not over do.

Your body is the most valuable asset that you will ever have. Taking care of it is mandate. So keep nurturing the lovely body that you have, and keep it healthy.

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