A Childhood With ADHD

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Is your child extremely impulsive? Is it very hard for him to sit without getting fidgety for even a few minutes? Does he talk without taking a break? Your child might be bad hat but these symptoms might as well point out towards attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a mental disorder usually diagnosed at an age of six to twelve. It is neurodevelopmental (arising because of impaired growth and development of brain/ CNS). However, sometimes triggers of ADHD might be depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety or death in a family, parental separation. Depending on the severity of the disorder, it can be inattentive, hyperactive or combined.  WHO reported in 2013 that as many as 39 million people sufferred from ADHD.

Typical signs of ADHD are as follows:

1.    Excessive talking

2.    Getting distracted easily

3.    Cannot stay quiet

4.    Either fidget all the time or do not stay static.


1.    Diagnosis of ADHD

The only way to diagnose a child with ADHD is to observe his behavior, both at home and outside home. You cannot however state that your child has ADHD in a couple of days. You should rather keep a constant vigil on your child for a few months if you think your child suffers from ADHD.

The doctor would ask a few questions and might advice a scan to confirm the diagnosis of ADHD.


2.    Treating ADHD

The treatment involves behavioral therapy and drugs in extreme situations. The behavior therapy focuses on inculcating a routine and setting realistic goals which your child can achieve. You might as well join some support groups, which would aid your child tremendously. Ummeed is one such support group in India.


As far as drugs are concerned, these drugs are psychostimulants, which only a doctor can prescribe if need be.


3.    What you can do as a parent?

Primarily, you need to spend more time with your child for that itself in some cases might eliminate the symptoms of ADHD. Following video might help you raise a child with ADHD.



ADHD is very common. Many of your favorite celebrities might be inflicted with ADHD.


This list, which includes some of the people who transformed the world, signifies that ADHD does not symbolize end of the world. Appropriate parenting with appropriate measures will make your child have a normal life. 


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