9 Reasons To Have Green Tea Everyday

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You must have heard people saying green tea is excellent for health and its effects are unmatched. Why? What makes green tea such an effective drink?

Green tea primarily originated in China, from where it was introduced worldwide. The reason for this magic drink to possess its properties lies in its processing, which varies from the processing of regular black tea. The processing of green tea involves two steps, while that of black tea involves three steps. Where on one hand green tea is harvested and directly pan fried or steamed (without oxidation), black tea is also allowed to oxidize before drying. This creates a vast difference between the flavors of these two drinks, with green tea being fresh and light, and black tea having a stronger flavor.

The brewing gives variable caffeine content to these tea types, as green tea has lesser caffeine than black tea. Both of these also contain different antioxidants, with the former having more effective anti oxidants than the latter.

So we do not deny for a moment that you should be having green tea every day. After reading the following reasons, you too will agree.


1. It would help you kill obesity

First things first. Today, a majority population is fighting a relentless battle with obesity. Green tea would help you get rid of fat that you have been trying to lose for ages by increasing the metabolic rate and by burning fat. The polyphenol in green tea burns fat.


2. It helps fight cancer

Green tea has been known to fight cancer since age old times. It’s not only the antioxidants who play their part in the anti cancer properties. Green tea also kills the cancer cells by starving them. It also inhibits production of enzymes which promote tumor growth. These effects of cancer are noted in almost all kind of cancers from esophageal cancer to prostate cancer.


3. It guards you from a number of diseases

The incidence of a number of diseases is lowered due to use of green tea, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinsonism as the usage of green tea prevents brain cells from dying away and from degeneration.

It also has excellent effects on blood sugar levels by regulating insulin activities and increasing metabolism of glucose.


4. Takes care of your heart

Hypertension, a major illness is also prevented by use of green tea. A natural part of ageing is deposition of cholesterol and fats in arteries. Too much deposition of these substances is the cause of heart attack and stroke. Green tea prevents deposition of these harmful products in your arteries, which might be potentially life threatening.


5. It makes you smarter

Green contains caffeine. Though it is present in comparatively lesser amount, but it is enough to shun away your sleep and keep you awake. Green tea also reduces the content of adenosine in blood, thereby increasing neurotransmitters like dopamine and nor adrenaline. A specific amino acid present in green tea also increases amount of GABA in blood (GABA reduces anxiety).

Green tea is considered to be a natural stress buster. Studies indicate that it reduces stress by 20%.


6. Gives you a long life

Since green tea protects you from contracting a number of diseases, it prolongs life. The reason that it lowers the incidence of diseases like heart attack, stroke, cancer is in fact the reason it increases longevity as these are the most common causes of death.


7.You can forget about the infections which world is combating with

A significant number of infections, including the dental caries, bacterial and viral infections are prevented by usage of green tea as it strengthens your immunity. Be it flu, cold, or inflammatory diseases like arthritis, green tea eliminates them all, keeping you safe from diseases.


8. Excellent skin

A major benefit of drinking green tea is that prolongs ageing by getting rid of wrinkles. Not only wrinkles, but green tea also removes tanning from sun. These effects of green tea are because of anti inflammatory properties and because of the abundant anti oxidants present in it.


9. Takes care of your sin

This one might you, but facts suggest that green tea prevents you from damage caused by cigarette smoke. This is not it, green tea also prevents your liver from damage due to alcohol.


So many effects in just one cup! What has been preventing you from using this magic cure for so long? It’s never late. Start drinking green tea if you want to be infused with all these positive effects of green tea.



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