9 Problems Surprisingly Caused By Potassium Deficiency

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Common, everyday problems which seem so negligible to us that we totally ignore them can be the signs of underlying potassium deficiency (hypokalemia). In severe cases, hypokalemia can result in dysfunction of reflexes along with severe impairment of respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems.  Here are the problems that can mirror a potassium deficiency.


1. Indigestion

Potassium deficiency can cause indigestion, acidity and bloating.


2. Muscular spasm

Potassium helps muscles to contract and relax properly. When potassium is inadequate, muscle spasms occur.


3. Weakness

Lack of potassium causes the amount of acid in the body to hike up. This causes the feeling of weakness, tiredness and laziness.


4. Stress

Deficiency of potassium also affects the mental health of a person. It can lead to the problem of stress and depression.


5. Abnormal Blood pressure

Due to potassium deficiency, blood fails to circulate accurately and efficiently in the body causing higher or lower blood pressure.


6. Poor sleep

Not being able to sleep at night frequently can be the result of a potassium deficiency.


7. Diarrhea

Diarrhea, if continued for more than normal amount of time can be the indication of less potassium in the body.


8. Heart disease

As mentioned earlier, blood pressure falls and rises because of potassium deficiency. Therefore, when the blood pressure fluctuates, heart diseases arise.


9. Sweating

If you feel hot and sweat buckets unlike everybody else in the room, then you may have scarce potassium in your body.


Nature is the wisest choice, therefore consumption of foods like spinach, yogurt, bananas, oranges, carrots, fish, soya bean and milk can not only help prevent potassium deficiency but can also cure the existing deficit in your body’s potassium reservoir. Take care!

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