8 Reasons You Should Not Be Dieting

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Eating less is a false definition of dieting, and the sad part is that it is rather quite an accepted one. The actual meaning of dieting is planning what you eat, rather than eating less. As a rule, an average adult must eat above 1000 calories per day.

Attention! Read this before wasting hundreds, around thousands on useless expensive online fitness programs, "Wonder-pills" or potentially dangerous low-carb diets.

So, the reasons behind diet leading to your bad health are:

1.     The lower the calories consumed per day, the harder it is for you to get your daily requirements of proteins and vitamins. If you get less of proteins and carbohydrates percentage less than what you need then it will be very difficult for your body to regulate the day to day functions and processes and which would lead to muscle loss or an overall deterioration of health.


2.     In a strict sense, losing weight means digesting your own body tissues instead of food and unfortunately, dieting does not tell your body what parts it needs to digest and which parts to save.


3.     Dieting causes fall-off and if you are unintended the decaymay be from your heart with severe consequences.Dieting makes your body rusty as the important fats and oils are not entering the body because of dieting hence body starts having cramps and aches.


4.     Dieting waver your meeting chemistry and match up effect may be bad breath. When dieting, all your physiological processes are gradually shut down and defense mechanisms are triggered by the body. One such defense mechanism remains bad breath.



5.     Dieting significantly lowers the metabolic rate. Consequently, the moment you accomplish to your ordinary nourishment which happened to be high, you put on weight even faster. Thus you will probably end up being heavier than before the much abominable diet stepped into your life.


6.     Dieting often causes constipation and this concentrates toxins within the stomach. These toxins are present for a longer period. To avoid this problem, make sure you consume fruits and vegetables in bulk, which would aid in smooth laxation, thereby alleviating constipation. 



7.     If you're a smoker you may smoke even more to dull the hunger feelings. Many a times in order to follow a particular diet, a person gets exhausted. This exhaustion leads to restlessness and an urge of eating anything and everything. However, the mind finds an alternative for that particular urge and hops on to some habit, for example smoking. So sail your row, sailor as dieting might be cutting down your weight at the huge expense of addiction.


8.     Dieting gives of false impression of starving to your body. Thus as a protective mechanism, your body starts saving fat. This way you don’t get slim but now you get heftier than before.


Without a doubt, you should have a healthy and fit body. However, this should not harm the normal functioning of body. Thus make sure to have proper nutrition content in your food which will help your body grow healthier and not fragile or weak. Therefore, stop dieting and eat proper and healthy meals. Rather adopt a strict workout regime to cut off those extra pounds.

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