8 Hygiene Tips For Your Eyes

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Healthy eyesight is a true gift. If you don’t already value your vision, try closing your eyes for two minutes and you will know how very fortunate you are to be blessed with the power to see normally. If it is so essential, isn’t it your duty to take care of it? Just as you look after your hair or skin, you also need to take care of your eyes. Many of us don’t realise that there are several things which we do everyday which can harm our skin. Following are a few eye care tips which you  must follow for normal eyes:


1. Healthy Meals

Making healthy foodstuffs a part of your diet is very important. Nutrients such as vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E will help you in getting rid of problems related to vision and cataract. Your meals should include green vegetables, fruits, all sources of protein, citrus juices etc. A planned and balanced meal would not only help you with good vision, but would also reduce your chances of getting diabetes which is one of the major causes of blindness in adults.


2. Sufficient Sleep

Are you up in the wee hours? Do you sleep when the world awakens? Well, your eyes need as much rest as your body does. You are putting your eyes at risk if you are up for no reason late at night. You need adequate sleep and that too at the right time, so that your eyes do not look exhausted and puffy the next day.


3. Hygiene

You are always asked to wash your hands before you eat. It is not an unnecessary ritual. By doing so you actually restrict the entry of majority of pathogens in your body, as well as in your eyes. Make sure your hands are clean before rubbing your eyes and specially those who use contact lens, you have to keep in mind the hygiene directions. As a matter of fact, you also ought to keep a check on the towels you use for your face


4. Sunglasses

Sunlight is sure important, but you also ought to protect your eyes from sun rays. During summers, make sure you wear your sunglasses to avoid the direct exposure of your eyes to sunlight. Sun glasses can help you protect your eyes from powerful lights, flashes and sun rays which might damage your eyes. Do remember that too much of sun rays can cause damage to your eyes.


5. Stay away from the screen for a while

You are in front of your mobile or laptop screen for a minimum of 2 hours every day, aren’t you? Sitting in front of the screen for a very long time can harm your eyes by causing redness, itchiness, headache, neck back and shoulder pain and blur vision. You can try out few protection measures if you stay pretty long in front of the screen:

  • Your contact lens prescription should be up to date.  
  • You could even need glasses to avoid strain.
  • Position of your computer should be in the level of your eyes.
  • Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position when in front of the computer
  • Take regular breaks of 20 minutes and look 20 feet away to relax your eyes.


6. Quit smoking

Studies have shown that smoking leads to damage in the eye muscles and blood vessels. It also increases the risk of age related macular degeneration (AMD) glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy etc. So try making efforts to quit smoking to have healthy eyes.


7. Reduce the use of contact lens

You have to be very careful when you wear contact lens. Wearing them all day is fine but make sure you take them off before going to bed to stay away from the potential harm. Make sure you use clean and dry lens and follow proper instructions in the same regard. Make you sure you wear glasses where ever needed, say for instance where there might be a potential danger from foreign bodies which might enter your eyes.


8. Overall care

To have healthy eyes it is essential to consume a proper diet. The type of food you consume determines your eye sight. So try limiting the consumption of alcohol, drink plenty of water and have a balanced diet.


Follow these simple tips to be able to keep your eyes healthy and thus yourself, happy.

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