7 Ways In Which Smoking Affects Skin

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Smoking is not an uncommon habit anymore. Most people try smoking at some or other point in their lives. Also, it is nothing new if we say that smoking causes grievous damage to health. But what if we say that it is harming your skin, causing damage of an extent you might not be aware of? Smoking does damage your looks and skin. Following are a few facts you ought to know about how smoking affects your skin if you haven’t given up smoking already:


1. Tells under your eyes

Sleepless nights are one of the major causes of dark circles. Don’t you get bothered the whole day just because you didn’t sleep well last night? It reflects on your face. If you smoke you are four folds as likely as a non- smoker when he/she reports of being restless cause of not sleeping well in the night. It is possible that the nicotine in your cigarette causes you to toss and turn, resulting in inadequate sleep.


2. Aging and wrinkles

Do people often complain about how old you look for your age? Well, blame the smokes! Wrinkles are often evident around your eyes and mouth. Other than the loos of elasticity it is believed that the tightening of the mouth and the squinting of the eyes of a smoker cause the wrinkles around these areas.
On an average smoking accelerates the process of aging and makes a smoker look 1.4 times older than a non- smoker.



3. Scarring

Nicotine limits oxygen-rich blood flow to the tiny vessels in the parts of the body or face. This in turn implies that your wounds will take longer to heal and you would have bigger scars as compared to those of non-smokers.


4. No natural glow

Cigarette smoke consists of carbon monoxide, which forces out the oxygen in your skin, and nicotine reduces the blood flow, leaving your skin dry and discoloured. Cigarette smoking also damages the nutrients in your skin specially vitamin C which is meant to protect and repair your skin.

5. Wound healing

Studies have proved that the healing process of smokers is slower than that of non-smokers be it any sort of healing from surgeries to tooth extraction etc. Why suffer for longer time just because you have a habit which is causing you more damage than the positive effects? Isn’t quitting a wonderful idea?


6. Skin cancer

Smoking is one of the major causes of cancer of throat, lung and many other parts. The prevalence of skin cancer in smokers is also increasing. As a matter of fact studies have shown that smokers are three times more likely to develop skin cancer than non-smokers.


7. Stretch marks

The nicotine in the cigarette affects the fibers and the connective tissues of the skin which leads to loss in elasticity and strength. Stretch marks and red skin rashes basically happen when excess weight is gained in very less time. This might happen to anyone, but smokers are more prone.


In the end a healthy skin is the best gift you can give to yourself. We all want glowing and lovely skin, don’t we? It’s only you who can have a healthy and younger skin. The only solution is quitting. Start today!

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