7 Things You Do Every Day That Makes Your Skin Older

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Are you worried about your skin losing its natural glow? Who wouldn’t be? Do you do things to make your skin dull and old? Of course not! But what if we say yes you do? So you are harming your skin unintentionally, here’s how.


1. Chlorine

Swimming being a very healthy exercise but did you know that the chlorine used in the water affects your skin drastically? It drains out the natural oil from your skin causing your skin to become dry, itchy and irritated. Thus it causes your skin to look old, and wrinkled. You must have noticed your skin turn flaky and dry after swimming. That is what chlorine does to your skin. No we did not say that you should stop diving in your favourite pool. All we want you to do is ensuring that you bathe well after swimming to keep the harmful effects of chlorine at bay.


2. Skipping meals

Everyone wants to stay fit by adopting dieting measures which includes skipping meals. This is a mistake. It is a myth that skipping meals is good if you want to stay fit and dream of a lean body. Skipping meals and staying away from a healthy diet would just intensify your aging process by making your skin more dull and dry. Skipping meals does not even reduce your chance of getting fat but also your chances to get radiant skin. So even if you have a diet plan make sure you are having proper meals and DO NOT skip any meal to keep up your vitamins and protein levels boosted. Do remember that your skin a reflection of what you eat and how healthy you are.


3. Stress

Stress is a major source of harm to the suppleness and radiance in your skin. Stress also causes acne, rash and blemishes on skin. Thus, to keep your skin healthy young, do not fuss over petty things or do not lose your calm. Activities like Yoga, Meditation or keeping yourself occupied by practicing some hobbies might aid in keeping you stress free.


4. Smoking

Smoking is good or bad? Every individual is his/her own judge when it comes to smoking. But yes, smoking or sitting around smokers definitely affects your skin. Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide which replaces the oxygen in your skin and nicotine which reduces the blood flow leaving your skin dry and discoloured. Smoking causes your skin to sag, thereby catalysing aging. To compensate and repair the damage caused by smoking cigarettes, consume more vitamin C.


5. Drinking less water

Keeping yourself hydrated is a key essential for a healthy living. Drinking sufficient water not only keeps you away from indefinite number of health problems, but also keeps your skin nourished. Dehydration makes your skin look dull and acne prone. Thus to keep your body and skin healthy, nourished and balanced, drink as much water as you can.


6. Not having enough sleep

Have you ever noticed the sudden transition in the quality of your skin when you don’t get adequate sleep. Your sleep is actually the key to your beauty, that is why it is termed as the beauty sleep. When your are sleep deprived, the level of stress hormones increase, causing inflammation in skin. So make sure you sleep well no matter what, for it will help you to stay calm along with aiding in the quality of your skin.


7. Sweet tooth

There are very less people who would deny deserts. But it is also rare to stop after consuming one piece of your favourite chocolate or some rich Indian sweet. As a rule, excess of everything is harmful. Having too much sweets intensifies aging process and inflammation in your skin so watch out on your sweet intake. Try eating a single piece of barfi or gulab jamun. Prefer dark chocolates over milk chocolates as they contain more cocoa, which is an antioxidant.


We have one last word of advice for you. Make sure you don’t over exfoliate your skin as it makes your skin look dull. Xxfoliating once a week is good enough. Your skin lies in your very own hands. So you must not fail in making efforts to make your skin as healthy as possible. After all healthy skin personifies complete wellness!

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