7 Everyday Benefits Of Basil, You Never Knew

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There is a reason why this herb is termed as the “holy” basil. The million benefits of this plant have been appreciated since ancient times. Basil plant is sacred not only because it is worshipped in the Hindu mythology, but because of its overall role in the body. Its use does not spare a single aspect when it comes to a healthy body. From its immense role in getting rid of cough to the various anti anxiety agents it encompasses, regular use of tulsi can benefit the body in many ways. Following are a few ways how the miraculous tulsi can transform health.


1. Anticancer properties

Tulsi helps in maintaining the natural immunity in body. It has been proved in various researches that it has strong anti cancer properties. Regular usage of tulsi has shown to cure cancers including oral cancer, skin cancer and breast cancer. The surplus antioxidants present in this magic herb prevents damage to cells from free radicals.

Also, damage from radiation to the body can be prevented by using tulsi owing to the flavonoids present in it.


2. Eliminates fever, cough and cold 

Tulsi has excellent antibacterial properties. This has a number of benefits; first being prevention against even those species of bacteria which have become resistant to commonly used antibiotics; second, if tulsi leaves are boiled in water and consumed, they can prevent fevers like dengue and malaria. Water with tulsi leaves boiled in it can also be used for gargling for benefit in sore throat.


3. Cardiovascular problems

Tulsi reduces blood pressure. It keeps cholesterol from getting oxidized. This in turn prevents atherosclerosis and heart attack. Eugenol and other similar antioxidants prevent heart from damage caused due to free radicals. The Magnesium also prevents heart from irregular rhythms. Thus it is highly recommended to start taking tulsi if you wish to keep your heart healthy and young.


4. Dental health

There are several ways in which tulsi improves dental health. It eliminates halitosis. It also prevents pyorrhea , a disease which severely damages the gums, sometimes at a very early age. A toothpaste prepared from tulsi in powdered form can be used for reducing inflammation markedly.


5. Analgesic effect

Yes! The king of herbs is even effective in killing various aches. This property is largely attributable to the COX-2 inhibitory effect (the mechanism behind working of analgesics). Because of this, tulsi not only cures the inflammatory pains, but also aids in neurological type of aches (having origins in nervous system). In fact, the analgesic effect of basil is potent enough to relieve you from headache just by using it as a component of steam water.


6. Glowing skin

The benefit noticed in the quality of skin by regular usage of tulsi is unbelievable. This is mainly because of the antibacterial properties of tulsi. Tulsi has several effects on facial skin. It offers relief from acne, clears blemishes and scars, tightens the pores, eliminates irritation and inflammation. It adds a natural glow to skin, making your skin soft, supple and younger. So you do know one of the secrets of having a young and blooming skin forever


7. The hair you have always wanted

Hair care can be seriously tough owing to everyday routine and tight schedules. Tulsi is one solution to a lot of hair troubles. It strengthens hair shaft, prevents graying of hair, reduces itching on scalp and eliminates dandruff. In fact the global problem of hair loss can also be reduced by regular use of tulsi.


The little herb in front of your home can cure so many problems. Why then are you already not using it to make the most of it?


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