7 Benefits Of Honey- The Hidden Health Wonder

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Honey, in the modern world is seen just as a sweetener and an ingredient for delicacies, but the health benefits of honey have been discussed in Greek, Egyptian, Islamic and Vedic scriptures. Here, are the 7 benefits of honey which can help you in avoiding doctors.


The Infection Fighter

Honey contains a protein called defensin-1, which has the ability to kill bacteria. Simply, rubbing some honey over the infected portion or consuming honey with milk in throat infection cause relief to a great extent. Applying honey on pimples and acne also heals them.

Healthy Hair Treatment

Mix honey diluted in warm water. Use this on the scalp, leaving for night. This miraculous mix would significantly reduce dandruff along with the itching it comes with. Honey has also been proven more than effective in curing other dermatological problems. A regular use of honey results in prevention of hair-fall. It nourishes hair and enhances their quality, acting as a natural conditioner.

Prevents and Cures Ulcers and Gastrointestinal Problems

Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties of honey help in preventing ulcers and gastrointestinal problems. A greater benefit is achieved by consuming honey regularly, which prevents such disorders at first place.


Insomnia? Honey is there to help

Honey is abundant in anti-oxidants which helps in keeping calm down as it is effective in a balanced functioning of the nervous system. Honey if consumed with luke warm milk before going to bed helps in getting sound sleep. So, keep calm and have honey!


Healthy Heart

It is no new discovery that heart remains the most important organ. A healthy body is often personified by a healthy heart. So it is mandatory to maintain its normal functioning. Surprised? Yes! Honey might play a role if you are battling heart problems. Here’s the recipe. Take a fresh juice of pomegranate mix one tablespoon honey in it. Consuming this empty stomach on daily basis reduces risk of heart attack and prevents other cardiac diseases.


Lose Your Weight

Now this is rather a widely practised habit. Honey when consumed with warm water helps in digesting the fat stored in your body. Consuming honey with lemon juice and cinnamon can work wonders in case you’re trying to reduce weight.

Maintaining Blood Sugar

Though honey is sweet, its sweetness is a result of fructose and glucose. Honey helps in maintain blood sugar level.This is because honeyhas a low glycaemic index, which enables it to prevent your blood sugar to shoot up. 


Now, you know honey not just as sweetener but a homemade natural remedy for most of your problems ranging from obesity to blood pressure.

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