6 Memory Boosters Which Lie In Your Kitchen

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6  Memory Boosters Which Lie In Your Kitchen

Do you often catch yourself blanking out over trivial things? Do you extend your memory as far as possible, yet failing to recall Lilliputian stuff which you thought was a cakewalk to remember? Following is a list of foods which will help you to program your super computer with more efficacy.

1. Coffee:

Finding it hard to begin your day without coffee? Who has asked you to? The caffeine in coffee stimulates the nervous system, helping a great deal in the memory functions. Two cups of coffee is an ideal dose to keep your mind from shrinking.

 2. Dark chocolates

The wonder of dark chocolates preserves your memory in two ways. First, via the caffeine which just like coffee keeps your brain agile and two, via the flavinoids which hike blood supply to your brain, causing it to work better. When was the last time that you had the Bournville bar?


3. Walnut

Walnuts are a pure brain food. The credit can be given away to the Omega-3 Fatty acids, which they are profusely filled with. Also, the vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant which keeps in pace the essential brain functions, including memory! And besides, just take a look at walnuts; doesn’t their structure convey for itself that they are meant for your brain?


4. Broccoli

Getting into the technical stuff, an essential one among ingredients of broccoli is gucosinolate. Simply put, glucosinolates are compounds which prevent the effects of neurotransmitters from wearing away. So its broccoli instead of canned foods from super market this time!


5. Berries : Strawberry and blueberry

There are two mechanisms how these magnificent fruits work on your brain. One, by oxidation of free radicals and two, by keeping the inflammation (and hence ageing of neurons) at bay. And they are scrummy too!  


6. Tomato

Filled to the brim with lycopene, tomatoes are excellent in keeping your brain in good health, and in good age. Lycopene, being an anti oxidant prevents the brain cells from free radical damage, and hence the resultant neuronal damage. Benefit? Longevity of your memory!

No need for pricey products which claim to keep your brain in high spirits. The ingredients for a perfect memory lie right next to you.

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