5 Tips You Must Follow For A Healthy Sex Life

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Sex counts as a basic necessitude of existence. It remains a potent stress buster. It might sound funny, but our moods are greatly influenced by our sex lives. Thus it is convenient to conclude that sex indubitably plays a vital role in keeping us happy. Now the big question is, if sex really is such an essential issue to look after, isn’t it mandatory to ensure a healthy sex life? Following are a few tips which would keep your sex life as great as it can be!   


1. Keeping it neat and clean

Yeah funny I know. Who would bother about hygiene in those heated up moments. But you do need to realize that it is not just once that you have sex. It is an everyday thing. Overlooking hygiene once or twice might be fine, but you cannot be not bothered about it when it is an everyday thing! Imagine yourself  catching an infection just because you did not bother about this essential thing. Doesn’t sound nice, does it? So we insist that do take care about hygiene. You must clean your genitals thoroughly everytime you have sex. Also, the lubricants being used should  be hygienic and safe as well. If you are using some objects, you should rinse them with appropriate preparations to keep them clean.


2. The turn on talks

There was never a successful relation where all do is have sex. It is must to know about your partner’s expectations and needs including the turn ons and the turn offs. This is a bare basic for a healthy sex life as your partner definitely needs to know what it is that you want or expect. So break the beliefs about how talking of sex is indecent and be as frank as you can be to your partner. Your sexual needs are the last thing that you would wish to conceal from your partner. You must also not forget that if you do so, chances are that the poor soul might end up turning you off unintentionally!


3. Eat right

Horrified? First hygiene and now eating. You have a full right to be flabbergasted. But this is true! As a rule, fatty foods are a culprit here too. Its pretty straight actually. More fat equals more weight equals less movement equals boring and senescent sex. More fatty foods also make you lethargic, which might kill your drive to have sex and in turn invoke a lousy sex life. So avoid having foods with a lot of fats and sugars. What could be an easier way to keep your weight under control.  We never said good sex comes easy, did we?   


4. Have sex

You must have sex, but at the same time ensure that it does not become a monotonous ritual. If you think that your partner would not guess how much you are loving it, it is a wrong belief. A better and longer sex drive comes from having more frequent sex. The only way you can get the spark back is by sparking it all over again. Take her favourite color orchids. Wear his favorite perfume. Light up the whole place using candles of his favorite fragrance. Use the wine stored in your bar since ages for the perfect time, as this is the perfect time and more than perfect utilization.


5. Addiction

Women, you have to know this. Did you know that with the last cigarette you blew out, you actually diminished your probability to better sex?  Smoking in females tremendously affects the blood flow in vagina and clitoris.

Men, you cannot be spared, can you? Smoking in men hampers the blood flow in the penis and lower the sperm count. So the abhorred people who said that smoking causes erectile dysfunction were actually not completely wrong.

Why forget alcohol?  Moderate consumption of alcohol does not harm, but when taken in excessive amounts, alcohol slows down the activitied in the nervous system, and as sex does greatly involves a nervous component, you would only regret the last few unnecessary pegs.


This is a cliché although, and that precisely is the reason it was not mentioned above, but above everything what matters when you are making love to your partner is what you feel for him or her. A boring sex often comes from a broing relationship. You need to maintain a blooming  relationship if you want a blooming sex life. 

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