5 Remedies For Sinus Infection

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You know how it feels! Your nose is leaky, head heavy, eyes puffy, you are utterly reluctant in opening them for even a while, with a throat hurting to the extreme. Sinus problem is completely despairing. There are several ways to combat the troubling sinus infection:


1. Water

Drink fluids- water and juices as it important to be hydrated. Use a humidifier or vaporizer. It is important as fluids and appropriate temperature helps thin mucous to flow, in turn draining your clogged sinuses. They also lubricate your sinuses and hydrate your skin. Vaporizers make you feel at ease if you are going through sinus problem.


2. Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation is pretty useful with nasal irritation. Saline irrigation is flushing your nasal passage with saline solution. This can be done with bulb syringes, squeeze bottles, or an inexpensive apparatus that is like Aladdin’s lamp. There are pre-packed or you can make your own:

  • Dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt or pickling salt, in sterilized or distilled water.
  • Add a pinch of baking soda to the solution.
  • You can irrigate your sinus by standing over a sink. Pour or spray the solution in one nostril and tilt your head so that it pours out from the other nostril. Repeat this with the other nostril, this helps in flushing away the bacteria.


3. Steam

Steam helps in alleviating congestion by release of mucus. You can treat sinus by steam inhalation. All you need is a towel and a container with hot water. You can also add menthol or eucalyptus oil to the water.  Make sure to keep your face covered with the towel as coming in contact with the temperature of surroundings might make things worse.


4. Soup

There have been a number of studies that support the fact that soup helps in easing out congestion. Soups reduce the inflammation related to sinus. The anti-oxidant and anti- inflammatory effects of the soup combined with steam helps clear sinus. Now the soup can surely be of your taste from vegetable soup to chicken soup.


5. Warm Compresses

By having a round of warm and cold compresses you will feel a great relief in clogged sinus.

These were some remedies you can practice at home to get immediate relief in clogged sinus. However, you need to visit a physician, when:

  • Any symptoms last longer than ten days
  • You get fever of 102 degree or higher
  • You notice symptoms of a greenish nasal discharge
  • You experience troubles with vision


Sinus infection makes you uncomfortable, hindering all your everyday activities. Thus, make use of these remedies in order to cure your sinus infection soon.

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