5 Reason Why You Should Increase Physical Activities During Pregnancy

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Like many others, do you also believe that pregnancy is the time when women are supposed to relax at home sitting in front of the television and eating as much as they can? Too bad! You are wrong if you are getting the idea that you can easily stop doing any physical activity and conveniently put on those even extra pounds. Yes women need not over exert but they need to maintain an active state as well as to drive the baby blues away. On an average a woman needs thirty minutes of exercise every day. Make sure that a single exercise session does not exceed 45 minutes. Preferred exercises should be a combination of muscle strengthening exercises like yoga, stairs along with a bit of aerobic exercises as brisk walking, dancing, swimming which gives a little push to your heart and lungs. Avoid activities like horse riding, gymnastics, kick boxing, cycling, basketball or other similar sports which have even slight chances for you to fall or hurt your belly.

There are however a few conditions where in physical activity is not a very good idea. These include conditions like preeclampsia, heart or lung diseases, bleeding or membrane rupture, pre term labor, cervical weakness, seizures, multiple pregnancy. If you have any of these conditions, please consult your doctor before beginning with any form of exercise to not to have an opposite and undesired effect. Irrespective of whatever you choose to do, keep in mind the fact that the aim of exercise during pregnancy is only to be in an active state rather than vigorously shedding the weight gain.

Here are a few reasons why it is a great idea to religiously give those thirty every day.


1.    Easy labor

The reason for this remains a flexible body that you gain by exercise, a better functioning cardiovascular system, and stronger abs which makes the labor very easy and smooth. Women who maintain a regular exercise regime during pregnancy are likely to experience lesser pain during labor. Not only this, there are high chances that the period of active labor might be reduced. So the moment you feel like giving up on the exercise, think about the pain relief during labor.


2.    Less chances of C Section

Nobody wants to undergo the tiresome process of caesarean section and stay in the hospital for 5 to 7 days. Guess what? You can actually avoid it by getting ample exercise during the nine months. It has been proved that women who exercise regularly are four times less likely in a need for C section. Not only this, there are even fewer chances to have a forceps delivery and episiotomy. So much with barely thirty minutes of exercise! Fair deal,  right!


3.    Fit and Fine

Who would not want to stay absolutely fit even after child birth? Of the many benefits of physical activity, a significant one remains that you would put on less weight, sometimes up to 7-8 kg less. Regular exercise also eliminates the unbearable back ache and keeps your energy levels boosted up. Especially yoga during pregnancy keeps mood swings under control, thereby reducing the chances for prenatal depression.  In a nut shell, you stay astonishingly fit and fine during and after pregnancy.


4.    Better sleep

There is nothing better than getting a good night sleep to make your body function normally. However, it gets a little hard to get this sleep for pregnant women. But workouts ensure you sleep better and longer.


5.    Lower risk of Diabetes

Overweight woman raised the chances of getting gestational diabetes. While you are pregnant, the hormones can cause extra sugar to build up in blood, which the pancreas cannot cope up with. Being overweight even adds up. Thus making exercise a habit can allow you to evade the ailment.


So give up the excuses which have been preventing you from making pregnancy an even better and smoother experience. Go for that walk. Join the yoga class you have always wanted to. Find a regime that suits you the best, but devote thirty minutes a day for a better mind and healthier baby.   

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