5 Magic Foods Which Enhance Fertility

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There are a million different directions your mind would wander to if you are not getting pregnant. You would blame anything and everything under the sky making it a potential reason for you to not to be able to conceive. From your sexual practices to stress, everything would be held responsible. How essential does your diet become when you are trying to get pregnant? Following are a few foods which are known to enhance fertility.


1.    Caffeine

Majority of infertilities result from immotile sperms. Results from studies have suggested that caffeine consumption energizes sperms, thereby enhancing fertility to some extent. You might be expecting that results would be the same when women consume coffee. But it is quite astonishing that chances of infertility increase when women drink more coffee. So sharing a coffee might not be as good as it sounds to be.


2.    Iron and Zinc

 There are a number of elements and vitamins which are considered essential for fertility including iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin B12, C and E. Women who are anemic find it difficult to conceive as compared to those who are not. Zinc also increases fertility by increasing testosterone production in men and by maintaining efficiency in cell division. Each of the vitamins have a unique role in the body and somewhere fertility is compromised when they are deficient. Thus make sure you consume foods with ample content of these vitamins.


3.    Broccoli

Women who try to conceive between 30s and 50s, suffer from a condition called Estrogen overload. To get rid of this condition, women need to take broccoli. Along with fertility effects, there is an added benefit of consuming broccoli as broccoli is an excellent detoxifying agent.


4.    Sunflower seeds

Not expected right? But it is the truth. Sunflower seeds look petit, but these little bundles can actually work wonders in getting you pregnant. The most probable reason for this is the high Zinc and other essential elemental content in these seeds. So start taking this magic medication if you are trying to get pregnant.


5.    Whole grain and Brown rice

Whole grains and brown rice maintain a static blood glucose level. A sudden surge of insulin is harmful for the menstrual cycle, thus consume as much whole grain as you can when you are trying to get pregnant because they would prevent your menstrual cycle to get hampered to a great extent.


These are merely researches published over a period of time. Following these ideas might lead to an additional benefit to your pregnancy. However they do not represent a solution for infertility, nor do they mean that you should start eating sunflower oil the whole day. Consult tour doctor before taking any such major step. 

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