5 Little Tips To Keep Your Heart Healthy

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We breathe, we live, we laugh, because our heart beats. So, in order to breathe, live and laugh happily we must to keep our heart healthy. Our heart keeps us alive, we must take care of it as it take care of our blood, pumping and purifying it. With the devastating rise in cardiac diseases, it is mandate to keep our hearts healthy. Trust me, key to healthy heart is with you. There is no rocket science in it. Here are 5 little tips which will help maintain the health of our heart.


1. Move your body now

We are a lazy population. As compared to our parents, the efforts we put in are negligible. This in fact is the reason why people are struggling to keep their hearts functioning. So let us strive to bring a change in the sedentary lifestyle.

Whether it is exercising or dancing, it raises your heart rate which burns calories. It helps your heart to function smoothly and stay in shape. As much as your body needs to be in shape so does your heart. So, next time if walk to a nearby store remember it is for your heart’s health. Opt to walk instead to using car. Ditch elevator. Play the sport that you have always wanted to. Do every form of physical exercise as you can.



2. LOL

Yes! And not just on whats app, facebook, and twitter but actually laugh out loud. It eliminates stress that cause harm to endothelium, the tissue that forms the inner lining of your vessels. So, laugh your heart out to keep stress out. Right away open YouTube and watch as many funny videos as you can.



3. Say no to so much salt

Not everyone minds having salt in excess but they don’t know that it coronary heart disease. Salt is a significant element of your food but if taken in excess, it may cause problems for your heart. Most of the salt intake comes from processed food, from now on try to avoid high salt intake. Avoid taking chips, fries, or other processed foods.


4. Sleep solution

Yes, we generally do not relate sleep to heart’s health but sleep is as important as anything for health of heart. Not getting enough of sleep leads to increase of insulin resistance, a risk factor for heart disease also lack of sleep can increase CRP, or C- reactive protein which is released with stress and increase the chances of cardiovascular and heart disease. It is important to get proper sleep i.e 7-8 hour.


5. Let's go nuts

Nut consumption is a blessing for your heart. They contain unsaturated fatty acids and nutrients which are good for heart. Consuming nuts reduces chances of heart attack. Eating nuts lower the low- density- lipoprotein (LDL) which is one of the major causes of heart disease.


Now you know easy things which could easily help you keep your heart healthy. These tips are not some tough rules to follow but could be taken up easily. So make sure you follow these petty advise to keep your heart healthy and happy.

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