5 Home Remedies To Cure Stomach Pain

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Stomach pain remains one of the most common symptoms of a variety of diseases. Even if it is of mild intensity, it affects the quality of life. Everyday activities can be hindered to a great extent owing to stomach ache. Stomach ache can arise because of various causes including gastritis, worms, menstrual cramps, digestion problems including constipation, indigestion and diarrhea, gallstones. However, not all causes are alarming for you to rush to the hospital. Plus there are a few remedies which you can try at home before going to hospital and getting an unnecessary intravenous injection. Following are a few remedies which you can try at home to get rid of your stomach ache.


1. Buttermilk

Curd is a boon. It is known to cure a plethora of problems. The natural Lactobacilli present in curd remove mild infections in stomach and the resultant abdominal discomfort. It can also help a great deal in digestion troubles and acidity. You can add black pepper, cumin seeds, curry leaves, ginger to enhance the taste. The additional benefits would be an influx of calcium and vitamins.


2. The magic herb- aloe vera

Aloe vera indeed is magic in its numerous health benefits. One of its major properties remain its ability to act as a laxative, which alleviates the stomach pain resulting from constipation.

The best option would be taking fresh aloe vera juice directly from the herb. Remove the gel from the leaf, and use it with water. You can add two teaspoons to a glass of water. You would be surpriseto see the effects.


3. Lemon water

Lemon water is known to aid digestion by producing hydrochloric acid in abundance. The hydrochloric acid aids in the hindered digestion, and thus it shuns away the stomach ache resulting from the same. Also, the added benefits would be adequate hydration and an overall detoxification of body. Lemon is also excellent in making skin gorgeous. So yes, lemon is a great choice.


4. Use hot pack

Using hot pack is another great option in fighting stomach ache. Hot packs are extraordinarily good if you have cramps. It is amazing and relaxes muscles in stomach. You can use the ready made rubber bags available in market or you can use a napkin soaked in hot water over your stomach.


5. Ginger root tea

Ginger is a potent anti inflammatory agent. It alleviates pain in abdomen by relieving the inflammation in stomach. The antioxidants in ginger soothe the intestines.

Ginger should however be avoided if you have heart problems and are on blood thinners.

You can boil a few pieces of ginger with water and drink it. To enhance the taste you can also add a little bit of honey.


If the pain does not relieve you must make sure to see a doctor for the same as there might be some serious etiologies for stomach pain and taking it lightly might not be a good idea at all. 

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