5 Habits Causes Infertility in Men

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The world is struggling with the devastation caused by infertility. Be it men or women, dealing with infertility drains a lot of energy. These are some of the habits which you have been practicing knowingly or unknowingly which might cause infertility in men. Correct them right away before you might have a need to correct infertility.


1.    Cell phones and other gadgets

As much as the world has been narrowed down by mobile phones and laptops, nobody can deny that there are many disadvantages of using them. One of such drawbacks is due to keeping mobiles in pocket for longer durations. It has been proven using several studies that this habit leads to a considerable decrease in both motility and viability. It is probably because of the emission of radiation from cell phones. Also, prolonged contact of laptop with the testicles heat them, causing damage to sperms. So dear men, it is time to start using the shirt pocket and to keep laptops on desks to avoid chances of infertility.


2.    Lifestyle

This includes factors like smoking, drinking, inadequate diet, overweight, air pollutants. The commonly adopted so called “junk diet” is devoid of essential components like antioxidants and vitamins. It is thus essential to maintain a healthy diet with surplus quantity of required elements given the reason that such a diet maintains a normal sperm count. It is also a well known fact that alcohol causes a reduction in Zinc absorption, and since Zinc is essential for maintaining sperm viability. Thus it is a good idea to abstain from heavy alcohol consumption. Alcohol also causes a reduction in testosterone levels resulting in decreased sperm count. Another factor which causes damage to sperm is the Nicotine in cigarette. I guess now is a wise reason to quit.


3.    Drugs

We are not just talking about the  “unprescribed drugs”. Some of the prescribed drugs cause infertility too. So avoid taking medications for petty reasons. Cocaine and Cannabis cause a marked deterioration in the quality of sperm. It has been believed that these drugs increases the speed of sperms however, the rapid action dies away before the sperms reach the eggs to be able to fertilize them. Planning a rave party with your friends? Say a big “NO” if you are planning a baby.


4.    Excessive exercise and excessive sex

Taken aback? Till now the belief was quite the opposite about the effect of exercise and sex. But now is the time to start believing again that excess of everything is bad unless you wish to spend a huge sum on the infertility treatments.  Too much sex causes marked deterioration in the quality of sperms. Thus couples who plan a baby are not advised to have sex for more than 2- 3 times a week. You might also wish to avoid exercise combined with steroids as that too remains a cause of infertility. Hence, yes we can sure conclude that an excess of everything does invite trouble.


5.    Chemicals and Pesticides

Researchers have found out that people who work in industries with too much exposure to chemicals and pesticides are at a great risk of infertility. Thus make sure you use adequate protection from these harmful substances.


These are not major changes which you ought to undertake in order to avoid infertility. Rather your small efforts might keep infertility at bay. So why not alter your lifestyle a little for the greater good!


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