5 Everyday Tips for Blooming Hair

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Hair personify beauty in girls and smartness in boys. Irrespective of age and gender, everyone wants to have healthy and blooming hair. Sad enough though, but it remains a fact that owing to alterations in lifestyle and stress and to keep up with the exhausting schedules, it becomes hard to manage hair effectively. We end up not giving them the attention they deserve very easily. Result? Baldness for starters! 

We have a few tips for you which you need to implement in your everyday life to restore the lost balance in your hair.

1.  Shampoo right

Of course we wash our hair on a regular basis, but it is usually done amid so much hustle that we end up neglecting the basics by adopting wrong ways for the same. Confused? How can shampooing be done in a wrong manner? Well, quite often we use shampoo on r scalp, paying no heed to the shafts. It must be kept in mind that shampoo should be applied throughout the length of hair and should be rinsed off properly, so that no traces are left in hair.


2. No time for conditioner? No problem

Yes using conditioner is absolutely mandatory to maintain a bounce in hair. But there is not always enough time to condition hair. Under such circumstances, oiling hair at least two hours before taking a head bath is obligatory. Those who have hair oil at the end of grocery list, which would eventually be eventually eliminated, please stop doing that. Oiling is mandatory for nourishment of hair with the added benefit of serving as a conditioner in case of time constraint.


3. Say a BIG no to styling products

As a rule, what is visible to the eyes is what is more cared for. Didn’t get what we are talking about? We all have used those hair sprays and gels and other similar products. We wouldn’t deny that they certainly make our hair look attractive. But this is only short lasting. What we prefer to ignore is the fact that the chemicals in all these artificial products cause a lot of damage to our hair. So don’t lose faith in the basic idea that natural beauty is the best form of beauty, and go for hairstyles which require no or minimum artificial products.


4. Recognise your hair type

Surprise surprise! Never heard much about hair types? Yes. Everybody has a different hair type. Just as our skin type does not match with our closest friend, or even with our sibling in a lot of instances, our hair too do not. It is not necessary for us to use the same shampoo or conditioner as our friend and get similar effects. Recognising hair type and using products accordingly is a must. This includes shampoo, conditioner, oils and henceforth. Just because a particular brand is lionised more should not be the reason for us to buy that brand.


5. Set your hair free

Girls, this one is especially for you. We all get conscious every now and then when we do not get hold of a comb. But we really need to stop! Combing hair again and again is not as good as we think it is.  Combing frequently causes hair to weaken from the roots, only making them thinner and thinner.


Flllow these tips for gorgeous hair. Guess what is the best part? Following all these tips would take no time at all. So go for it!

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