5 Common Myths About Infertility You Must Know

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Infertility remains a common problem in today’s time. Previously when it was the women in their thirties who faced the plight of infertility, the problem has involved those in their twenties as well. In this prevailing fiasco of infertility it is easy to believe in the myths which are associated with it. Here are a few common myths which you should not agree to even if the world is asking you to do it.


1.    Infertility? Easy! Blame woman

This is one thing which we all have agreed to at some or the other point in life. But the fact remains that there are equal chances for either of the genders to be held responsible for the same. Of all the cases of, one third have reasons of male infertility, one third of female infertility, the remaining one third are attributed to the combined male and female infertility or to unknown reasons. So its high time we give up on the age old belief of blaming women every time a couple face troubles having kids.


2.    You cannot get pregnant because you are over 30

It is the overall state and habits that you have cultivated which govern your fertility. You cannot stop the effect of age on fertility. In women, fertility declines beginning at 27, continuing up to 35, after which the decline is a little steep. This is something that not even a healthy lifestyle can alter. However, we never said that you just cannot get pregnant if you cross 30. A lot of people do. In fact most people these days plan their after they turn 30. A lot of studies have pointed out that there are some 7% chances of infertility in couples who are in their early twenties. So the less the age, the easier the pregnancy is not the right thing to think.


3.     Every infertility ends with a baby in hand

Even though the statistics are promising with two third infertility cases having a biological baby, still very frankly not every infertility will be treatable to be able to restore the fertility. It might ache, it might seem unreal but even then however hard you try to conceive, or however much money you spend in those treatments, there are chances that you would not have a baby despite it all. This can be because of some causes of infertility which cannot be treated. But that does not mean that you give up the hope of having a baby. Thus when you are undergoing those promising and heavily charged infertility treatments, stay hopeful but at the same time stay prepared with a mindset strong enough to not to have a biological baby of your own, which too is not much big a problem given the fact that medicine is advanced enough and is ready with its own solutions for every problem.


4.    You cannot be infertile if you have a child already

This secondary aspect of infertility which comes into play after you have had a child before remains a mush neglected issue. It is a common notion that once a couple has had a child, they would never have any troubles in the following pregnancies. This is however not true, and there is no assurance regarding the same. However, there are techniques to be used in cases of secondary pregnancies as well.


5.    Infertility makes you sexually impotent

There is a world of difference between infertile and being sexually incompetent. This misbelieve leads to a lot of blame game and the existing relationship might be on stake for the one which does not exist! It is important to maintain faith and respect in your partner in all times.

No matter how many sympathy votes you get for inability to have a baby, the torment that a couple experiences can never be put to words. However avoiding these baseless myths and rather seeking sane solution to the problem you are facing remains a better option. 


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