4 Times Tested Ayurvedic Cures For Skin Aliments

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Ayurveda has been practiced in India over 5000 years. This unique practice derives its name from Sanskrit where “Ayur” means life and “veda” means knowledge. Thus the name itself holds tremendous value.

Ayurvedic medicines are archaic as they have roots in various Vedas, which are believed to be the store house of knowledge since centuries. It has evolved over years along with practices as old as yoga. Ayurvedic remedies are widely prescribed in the Indian subcontinent. Studies have shown that more than 90% of Indians prefer ayurvedic treatment for a lot of ailments over allopathy. In fact, ayurveda has gained much popularity in the western world, yet there are some people who consider it to be a second option.

Talking about the effect of ayurveda on skin, it is so profound that a lot of acclaimed cosmetic brands use ayurvedic remedies as a part of their preparations. Following are a few tips in the ayurvedic world which will help you have a clear, young and blooming skin.


1. Avoid spicy and oily food

 To keep your skin healthy make sure to not to eat too much of spicy, sour or oily foods, especially in a humid climate. The humidity causes digestive system to weaken, which might lead to an upset stomach. Such foods will aggravate pitta, which is responsible for a variety of skin breakouts. Try to eat light food which is easily digestible such as steamed vegetables and salads, fruits, juices, corn, oatmeal.

There are several beverages which increase the level of pitta such as coffee and alcohol. Avoid these beverages, replacing them with herbal teas.

2. Skin tonic

The best part about ayurveda is that you do not need too much preparation to get the desired results from any of its prescribed medicines. Skin tonic in ayurveda is made by simple things. No, we do not imply those bitter tonics.

Wheat grass is a great tonic for skin. It aids in improving the immune system and prevents you from many skin disorders especially in monsoons.

Your skin reflects the robustness of your immune system. Wheat grass is rich in antioxidants. It helps in detoxifying blood, resulting in a glowing skin.

A major portion of skin tonic is constituted by your fluid intake. Drinking a lot of fluids is very essential. Make sure to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. You could also have juices. They will provide vitamins and minerals which are important for healthy skin. As a rule, keep yourself and in turn your skin hydrated!

3. Eat fresh 

You have to give up on processed food if you want your skin to glow. Eat fresh foods as they will help your skin to function at its optimum level. It is better to not to rely on processed or packaged foods. Make healthy choices. Instead of ordering burger or pizza, prepare a bowl of salad with your favorite topping. You can also go for an oatmeal or smoothie. Increase your intake of fresh green vegetables and fruits.


4. Stay away from alcohol-based skin cleansers

 Alcohol based cleansers make your skin dry and irritated. Always check cautiously the constituents on your cleansers as they usually contain alcohol. You could rather opt for a herbal cleanser. It would also give the added benefit of keeping your skin free from dust and bacterial infections.

There are a few herbs which have a cooling impact on the skin. They include  coriander seeds, amla (Indian gooseberry) and fennel. These will help in detoxification and digestion; they will also lead to flawless complexion.


Ayurveda is a boon, and we being born in the Indian culture have the benefit of easy access to all these cures. The only door we need to knock is the one to our kitchen. So start using these remedies if you wish to get a skin of twenties in your sixtees. Do share your experiences about using ayurveda. Happy and healthy living. 

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