15 Facts About Cancer You Ought To Know

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When we say cancer, we are talking about something which claims 20000 lives per day. The deaths caused by cancer are more than the deaths caused by malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis TOGETHER. You did not know that did you? Cancer so far has just been some disease for you which is very painful. You are right. It is painful. But there are things you need to know about cancer. Following are fifteen such facts about cancer you ought to know about this serious ailment.


1. Cancer can be diagnosed in any individual. The rich, poor, young, old, men, women- everyone is at a risk for getting cancer.


2. There are more than 100 types of cancers depending on the area of location and the type of tissue present in cancer.


3. As per the statistics of 2012, there are 14.1 million cancer patients around the globe.


4. Of these, lung cancer is the most common cancer, accounting to make up 13% of all cases. The second most common cancer being breast cancer, contributed to almost 12% of total cancer cases.


5. Talking about statistics in men, the most common cancer was lung cancer (in 17% of all cases) succeeded by prostate cancer .


6. In women, it was breast cancer (25% cases), with second most common cancer being cervical cancer (8%).


7. There are 35% more chances of male having prostate cancer, than women having breast cancer.


8. The cause of cancer is manifold. It is caused by hereditary factors, habits including tobacco and alcohol, lack of physical activity, radiation and sun exposure.


9. Out of these causes, 90- 95% are due to environmental causes, while only 5- 10% are due to hereditary factors.


10. Cancer doe have a sexual cause as well. The Human Papillomavirus is transmitted due to oral sex. Of all cancers, at least 15% are attributed to infections, in which main causative factor is Human Papillomavirus.


11. There are even some rare cancers which are caused secondary to malnutrition. This is precisely the reason due to which the holocaust survivors remain at a great risk of cancer.


12. Every eighth death is a death due to cancer.


13. About 70% deaths are due to cancer are observed in the lower- middle income countries.


14. Around 3.5 % of total deaths caused due to cancer are due to alcohol consumption, whereas tobacco usage is believed to be responsible for almost 22% cancer deaths. In the past decade, 50 million people have died of tobacco usage.


15. About 30% cancers can be prevented by changes in lifestyle including alterations in lifestyle, avoiding tobacco, eating right and increasing physical activity.


Now that you know facts about cancer, you also know that a majority of cancers can be prevented by your own self. So adopt measures which ensure a healthy lifestyle. We wish you all a healthy and happy living 

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