12 Quick and Natural Ways to Cure Anemia

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Do you or someone you know lose focus, get exhausted or lose their breath easily? Such signs shouldn’t be ignored as they may indicate an underlying anemia. Anemia is decreased amount of hemoglobin and/or red blood cells in the blood. From excessive blood loss to increased destruction of blood cells, anemia has many causes.

But it shouldn’t be panicked about. Mild cases of anemia can be cured by consuming foods already available in our kitchens or by something as simple as a sunbath or a cold shower.  Here are ways to cure anemia naturally.


1. Beetroot

Loaded with Vitamin C, Iron and lots of other nutrients, nothing can be a better way to ‘beet’ anemia! Beetroot can be taken juiced, cooked or raw. It should be peeled lightly as the most nutritious part is just under the peel.


2. Sesame seeds

This super-food is filled to the brim with iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B6. Sesame can work wonders for anemic patients. It can be soaked in water and then made into a paste or can be consumed intact.


3. Spinach

Popeye didn’t gulp down a can of spinach for nothing. Spinach contains Iron, vitamin A and vitamin C which helps in absorbing Iron. Iron helps the hemoglobin content to climb up to the normal level.


4. Tomato

By now, you know that Vitamin C and Iron are the most valuable players when it comes to anemia. Tomato consumption provides you just what you need.


5. Pomegranate

The old saying regarding the fruit stands true as pomegranate has yet again proved to be a disease-exterminator. For anemic patients, it remains a boon.


6. Coriander

A power-bank of vitamin C and Iron, coriander can be easily incorporated in our food as a seasoning or can be added to smoothies along with other iron-rich foods.


7. Whole grains, legumes and nuts

All of them contain iron and vitamins, along with loads of fibre. Nuts like almond, cashew, peanut and walnut can help eradicate anemia completely. Mixed nuts can be consumed along with some raisins, which are also rich in Iron, for sweetness.


8. Animal proteins and dairy

Non-vegetarians have an excellent supplement for vitamin B12- the vitamin responsible for production of red blood cells- that is sea-foods (shellfish, fish, crab), animal liver and red meat. The vitamin in them is easily absorbable and doesn’t need any supplements for absorption.

Eggs, milk, cheese and soya bean are other fairly effective options for curing anemia.


9. Cold bath

A cold bath causes the blood circulation to gush. A fairly vigorous scrub also helps the blood flow effectively. Anemic patients can be actually benefited with this method. 


10. Epsom salts

Soaking the body or the feet for 10-15 minutes in a solution of Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) can alleviate long standing anemia


11. Body massage

This ultimate relaxation method clubs its other benefits with eradicating anemia. It also happens to be a great stress buster! So grab that latest massage deal without a second’s delay!


12. Sun bath

Sunbathing daily for few minutes when the sun rays aren’t harsh can help maintain mineral levels of the body. It is another of the convenient methods to fight anemia.


Instead of taking artificial supplements, eating good foods and eradicating the junk from our diets can slowly but surely uproot anemia from the body. By staying physically active and mentally sound, you further speed up the recovery. Natural cures san side effects, unlike artificial methods. That is why choosing nature is the wise way. 

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