10 Tips a Mother Should Remember

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Any woman’s inherent wish is to be a great mother. Yes, motherhood is an unparalleled experience, yet it gets a little difficult to keep up with the pressure and with the big changes taking place around you. Taking care of the baby, husband, home at the same time often compels you to neglect yourself at times. You often catch post partum blues gripping you only to leave you tangled with discomfort. Relax. Take a quick respite from all the mess and read these tips as you step into the nascent motherhood.


1.    Don’t overspend

We all want to give the best things to our children. However, there is a fair chance that you might over spend on things which would be discarded soon. Buy important things, but make sure you do not spend extravagantly on clothes or similar things which would be of no use soon. Rather you might save some money for your kid. In any case, prodigality is not a wise thing to do.


2.    Every mother is different, don’t compare

It’s only human to make comparisons in almost everything. However the habit only leaves you insecure about everything that you do. This holds true for mothers as well. Not all mothers are same, with each one having their own ways to tackle various situations. So do not compare yourself to other mothers. Whatever you do for your baby would probably be the best of what you can do. I did not say that you should not socialize. In fact socialize as much as you can, so that you get acquainted with better ways to deal with everything.


3.    Sleep as much as you can

You can only attain your full potential when you sleep adequately. The initial few years with the baby deprives you of sleep. But if you do not make sure you get adequate sleep, you might end up feeling drowsy and jaded for the whole day. So get that sweet slumber as much as you can.


4.    You are important too

Yes undoubtedly the baby becomes a priority, but you are equally important. Take some time out for yourself to do something that you like so that the stress gets busted. . Go for a walk, do yoga, read, cook something, but do at least one thing routinely that you would be doing had you not had a baby. That does not mean you pack your bag and leave for bungee jumping or rock climbing. Choose wisely!


5.    Make time for Talk time!

Talk to your baby as much as you can. He would not respond of course yet it would strengthen the bond. Do not just blindly go on doing things for him. Tell him what you are doing gently. Show affection to your baby. You might not believe, but babies can sense the affection and care. That is precisely the reason they stop crying when they find their mother around. So spend as much time with your baby as you can because they will be grown soon


6.    There are no Super women

You might be doing your best yet failing to handle the pressure. Its only normal. Whatever happens, do not overstress yourself. There are a lot many women who would be able to say from their experiences- “been there, done that.” Women are just women, not super women. You have limits, and if you exceed those limits, you are bound to get tired.


7.    Don’t forget the father

It is quite a possibility that you might not pay enough attention to your husband owing to the time constraint. There are chances for the new parents to grow apart. To avoid that, talk to your husband. Find little ways to show him that he matters too, and that he is still as important as he was before the baby.    


It is too much expectation from the already loaded down mother. But it is your family, your husband, your baby. The satisfaction of watching them happy would give you the contentment you have never felt before.

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