10 Health Benefits of Sex

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How important is sex? Can it have any healthy effect on body? Is it really over rated? These questions are common. Well to begin with, sex is quite important, not only because it feels good, but also because of the many effects it has on body. Having sex not only gets you closer to your partner but also to better health. Many scientific studies have proved how having sex regularly has positive effects on health. Here are those benefits:


1. Stress buster

Stressed about your work?  Bothered about too many mindboggling situations? Sex can lower your blood pressure. It can reduce overall stress. Any kind of intimacy keeps you in a relaxed state, quite similarly like yoga and meditation. A study has shown that having sex often can reduce diastolic reading in blood pressure. For women, even hugging their partner can reduce blood pressure.


2. Better immunity

Studies have shown that couples who have sex once or twice a week have higher level of Immunoglobulins. These are the substances produced by body to combat infections. Hence, in a way sex helps in combating infections. That however does not mean that you prefer sex over the medicines prescribed to you!         


3. Burns Calories

Studies show that men can burn 120 calories and women 90 calories in 30 minutes of sex. These calories are almost as much as an individual burns in an half an hour jog. Sometimes men burn more calories than what they do on a treadmill. These calories seem to be small in number but when added up it could result in a full body workout. Can you think of a better exercise ever?


4. Healthy Heart

Anything that helps exercise your heart including sex is good for you. Sexual arousal causes your heart rate to rise, reaching peak during orgasm.Many older people believe the myth that sex increases the chances of heart attacks but there is no connection between sex and heart strokes. In fact sex reduces the chances of having a stroke by 50%. 


5. Improvement of Self-Esteem

There is a connection between sexual activities and well-being. It is not just about sex, but about the relationship your share with your partner. This bond strengthens you, in turn making you healthy, happy and contented. Sex boosts your self-esteem. In fact, many people indulge in sex in order to boost their self esteem.


6. Better Intimacy

The levels of oxytocin hormone rise when you have sex and when you have orgasm. This hormone is also known as love hormone, it helps in building a bond with your partner.It is even linked with feelings, generosity and trust.


7. Reduces Pain

Having a headache? Sex could be the solution. Along with oxytocin a hormone named endorphin is also released during orgasm which helps give you relief from minor pains. Endorphin is in fact what is called the feel good hormone. A study shows that half of females having migraine find relief after having sex. Even PMS symptoms can be improved by having sex.


8. Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk

A study has shown that man in their 20’s who ejaculate frequently seems to be at a reduced risk for having prostate cancer later in life. 5 ejaculations weekly can reduce the risk by one- third. Mid aged and older men can even reduce the risk by ejaculating 21 times in month.


9. Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles

Having sex helps you perform some pelvic floor exercises which have their own benefits. They not only help you have a good time during sex, but also  lower the chance of incontinence i.e. involuntary loss of urine from the bladder in the later stages of life.


10. Enhance Sleep

Hormones like oxytocin and endorphin that helps to relive stress also calm your body and mind. When these hormones are released during sex, they also aid in better slumber. However, note that a very active sex can make you feel more energized rather than making sleepy. So you can regulate your sessions as per your need.


We now hope that you do realise the benefits of sex other than just having a good time. 

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