Say Hello To 2017 Without Hangover With These Chronological Tips

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You must be all set to welcome the spic and span 2017 with a bang. Well, we wish you a jovial and felicitous new year in advance! We have no doubts that you are ready with your best outfit to draw in gazes and admiration, and those of you who are not, well, look sharp, for there is barely any time for you to get done with the preparations!

New years are special; they embody fresh hopes and best beginnings. They also tend to astonish you in the most unexpected ways. An inseparable component of every new year however remains a hangover the very next morning, an evidence of the fact that you have had too much fun. Not seldom do you wake up to feel grossly uncomfortable, with a headache which cannot be endured. Resultantly, you swear to not to drink ever again. Well, this time you need not make any such promises, nor do you need to chuck your party plans just because of the idea of inviting a hangover. With the following tips, we assure you that this would be the best beginning of your new year, devoid of hangover.


Getting ready


1.    Workout and hydrate

Start your day with the workout of your choice. If you are breaking a sweat, ensure that you hydrate yourself throughout the day. Goes without saying, but hydration is the key. Do not drink right after your workout for there can be a substantial amount of loss of water, resulting in dehydration.

P.S. – Yoga and pranayama tops them all!


2.    Do not skip meals

You might choose to skip your meals to make way for the alcohol, but this might make things worse for you, as you might end up feeling exhausted by the end of the day. Eat healthy meals; make sure your meals contain fiber as well along with other components including proteins, carbs and fats.


3.    Do not forget to pop a vitamin supplement

Vitamins are essential for your body as they keep you safe from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress might result in accumulation of free radicals in body and difficulty in expulsion of toxic products. So even if you do not take multivitamins regularly, take one today and tomorrow to get those required antioxidants.


4.    Get a good night’s sleep

Your immunity is directly proportional to your sleep. Since your body is going to be exposed to a lot of recklessness the very next day, sleeping adequately a night before would prevent it from damage and would prepare it to bear the toxins. So ensure that you get a good night’s sleep!


5.    You are familiar with pre - boozing, but do you know about pre - snacking?

Well yes. You must eat something at home before you leave for jubilation. There are two reasons why you must do this; one, the absorption of alcohol would be retarded by the pre snack and two, this would help you cut down the junk that you might munch on. Often, you gain those extra kilos because of what you eat with booze. So this way, you would prevent your body from putting on weight excessively.


As you drink


1.    Go on the rocks instead of neat

This would dilute your drink and would also give you more time with your drink, retarding the sinking in of toxins in your body.


2.    Its soft drink over soda; bottom line is to avoid bubbles

The gas in the soda would speed up the absorption of alcohol from your drink. So choose fruit juices over soda, ALWAYS!


3.    Strike a conversation

Of course you talk the best when you are drunk. Guess what? This can work wonders for you, for getting engaged in a conversation would divert your attention, limiting liquor consumption.


4.    Or dance your heart out!

This too would make you refrain from filling your glass immediately and drinking excessively and unnecessarily, yet keeping you high and happy.

P.S.- Do not forget to sip water at short intervals as you would sweat profusely after dancing.


5.    Cut the smokes    

Many do not get the “kick” without getting those much required drags in between the party. However, smoking might make your hangover worse. So keep your smoking under control.


6.    Water before hitting the bed

No you need not over do the water thing, but we suggest you to drink two glasses of water before retiring to bed to keep the water balance, restoring hydration.


The day after


1.    Hair of the dog that bit you is crap

Are you planning to grab a drink the very next morning to cut the effect of last night? Be cautious! That is another mistake! This is going to slay your day.


2.    Your breakfast today is rather crucial

Again, choose a healthy breakfast. This would restore the disrupted sugar levels. Do not over eat as you might end up feeling nauseated.

P.S- Eggs would be a perfect breakfast today as the headache can be avoided because of the cysteine in eggs.


There you go! You are now good to go for killing it on the floor. Have a tremendous new year night!    

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