Make Your Heart A Safe Haven In Winters

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Winter is not the season for a healthy heart. Researches show that heart attacks are common events in winters, with as many as 53% heart attacks being encountered in this interim period. The frigid periods are not particularly good for those who suffer from Ischemic Heart Disease, the reason being constriction of blood vessels, causing an ascent in blood pressure naturally thereby promoting clotting of blood. However, you can preclude these events by cautious measures. Following are a few:


1.    Avoid exerting too much in winters.

2.    The ground rule is to cover your hands, feet and ears outdoors.

3.    Adequate hydration is essential too, for in winters you lack the urge to consume fluids.

4.    Limit intake of oils and fats.

5.    Keep a check on consumption of alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes to prevent your heart from worsening.

6.    Make winters an opportunity to obtain as much vitamin D as possible from sunlight.


Follow these tips and keep your heart healthy as a horse to be able to cherish the most beautiful months of the year forever.  

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