Busting Stress Without Pill

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Take a chill pill is an old notion. These days, “no pill” is in. It is an era governed by spas, where people often turn to, to get rid of perks of modern lifestyle. Many therapies and remedies are being opted by people, following being essential parts of the list:


1.    Sound bath therapy

Who says you need water to bathe and rejuvenate yourself? All you need to do is lie back and let music work wonders for you. The instruments are Tibetan sound bowl and mallet. The sound generated is rejuvenating for both mind and body. This technique is believed to affect the major energy nodes by relaxation.   


2.    Bach flower therapy

The Bach flower therapy is named after Edward Bach, who in the 1930s analyzed the effects of flowers on humans. Since then, flower therapy is widely used for the cure of many diseases, including allergies and emotional disturbances.


3.    Craniosacral therapy

This unique therapy comprises gentle caress in the bones of various regions like spinal cord and skull. The gentle touch alleviates pain and stress by causing compression in specified areas for desired effects.  


Stress causes enough trouble in today’s times. These remedies are easy measures to make sure that stress is kept at bay. 

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