5 Reasons Why A No Sex Month Is Good For You

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Wondering why and how? You have never even thought twice before having sex, so why now? We will tell you why. Literally the idea of not having sex for a month is kind of a penance. You might already be anticipating your life to be no better than moments of bewilderment put together, and that by the end of the month, you would even forget what a loving caress feels like. Though, not having your part is not bad at all. Although not by your choice, yet you ought to do things to ascertain your body remains in the best possible state.


1. No sex equals freedom from unwanted pregnancy

Keeping a track of days to avoid conception is a grueling task. A brief break from doing the same would not harm at all. So give it a shot keeping in mind the fact that total abstinence is the best contraception measure.


2. You can be happier by pleasing yourself

Masturbation is a healthy and normal way to appreciate your own self. You must know how to please yourself. The benefits of self induced orgasm may also improve your sexual confidence, leading you to a better sex life with your partner in the future.


3. Spend time with the rest of the world and with yourself

Everyone loves sex. However if you have the special someone to stick to, you tend to ignore the rest of the world and more importantly. So for this entire month, you can make it up to your friends for the promises you could not keep. You can also take the long pending yoga class or try kick boxing.


4. You can be wary about sexual health

While sex can be great, it will leave a certain amount of impact on your health adversely. Sexually transmitted diseases have increased in the age group of 16-24 according to recent studies. Some sexual diseases can take up to two weeks to show the reports, so why not use your ‘No Sex Month’ in a more efficient way? And if you do have symptoms for any disease go right away to your doctor.


5. Having no sex makes you stronger

Some people practice brahmacharya deliberately just to be able to desist the craving of sex. According to them, lust gives rise to weaknesses in humans. So brahmacharya it is for a month!


We genuinely suggest you to give the “No sex month” an unfeigned try. You would value sex and your partner all the more by the end of it.

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