5 Homeopathic Medicines To Heal Your Joints

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Arthritis is pain in joints while rheumatism implies impairment in the soft connective tissue component of in body. Arthritis can affect almost any joint of the body; knee remains one of the most common joint to bear the curse and pain of arthritis. Rheumatism however elicits a more severe and intense pain in joints. Following article shows more about rheumatism.



There are many ways to treat arthritis, ranging from natural remedies to medications which alleviate pain.



There are also many preventive measures to avoid arthritis.



Homeopathy also has a role when it comes to treating arthritis. Following are a few regimens in homeopathy which keep the pain at bay.


1.    Bryonia

This has excellent results when pain in joints increases with increased motion, with the type of pain being excruciating.

2.    Rhus toxicodendron

This is most commonly used for pain alleviation. It has shown to offer very good results for the rusty gate syndrome of arthritis. Rusty gait syndrome is clinically characterized by intense pain on motion, followed by reduction in pain intensity and stiffness in periods of rest.

3.    Belladona

This is effective when arthritis is marked by swollen, hot, red joints, with the nature and intensity being throbbing and severe respectively.

4.    Apis

This is indicated when the pain is of burning nature, with increase in pain on application of anything hot and decrease when exposed to anything cold.

5. Rhododendron

It effectively alleviates pain in small joints besides reducing the pain which increases at night, in cold weather, rest while it increases as the patient rests.


Often on taking prolonged allopathic medicines, you find yourself to witness harsh side effects. if there is a better and less harmful option to cure pain, why not give it a shot?

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